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The A function generator and all associated options will be The Keysight Technologies A func- . Operating manual, service manual, quick. Service Guide. Publication Number (order as manual set) The Agilent Technologies A is a 20 MHz synthesized function. Buy Keysight Technologies A Function Generator 20MHz GPIB, LAN, USB A. Operating manual, service manual, quick reference guide, IntuiLink.

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Chapter 3 Features and Functions Remote Interface Configuration Subnet Mask LAN Subnetting allows the network administrator to divide a network into smaller networks to simplify administration and to minimize network traffic. Refer to the Agilent A Service Guide for more information. The width of the pulse can be expressed either as a pulse width expressed in time units, like the period or a duty cycle expressed as a percentage of the period.

Select the source from which the function generator will accept a trigger.

Agilent Technologies 33220A User Manual

Instead, the function generator sets the output frequency based on either a linear or logarithmic function. Page Chapter 7 Tutorial Creating Arbitrary Waveforms For example, consider an arbitrary waveform consisting of 10 cycles of a sine waveform. List the names of all waveforms currently available for selection. Press the key to view the list of available help topics. Page Index affect mahual amplitude 63 PM 85 load termination 35 PWM 93 offset affect on amplitude 63 tutorial description amplitude limitations 60,local language, help 28 modulation depth AM 77,local operation LAN modulation depth, percent modulation arb waveform limitations 61, logarithmic sweep Page Chapter 3 Features and Functions Frequency Sweep Marker Frequency If desired, you can set the frequency at which the signal on the front- panel Sync connector goes to a logic low during the sweep.

Pulse Waveform Generation Chapter 7 Tutorial Pulse Waveform Generation Pulse Waveform Generation To eliminate distortion due to aliasing at higher frequencies, the Agilent A also uses a different waveform generation technique to create pulse waveforms. Clearing an event register from one of the other register groups will clear the corresponding bits manusl the Status Byte condition register.

The default is 1 kHz for all functions. Page Chapter 3 Features and Functions Calibration Overview To Change the Security Code To change the security code, you must first unsecure the function generator, and then enter a new code.


33220A Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 20 MHz

For your convenience, this table is duplicated inside the rear cover of this manual and on the Quick Reference Card.

In AM, the amplitude of the carrier is varied by the instantaneous voltage of the modulating waveform. In PWM, the pulse width or duty cycle of the carrier waveform is varied according to the modulating waveform. Chapter 3 Features and Functions Output Configuration Output Configuration This section contains information to help you configure the function generator for outputting waveforms.

Page Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict; selected arb is missing, changing selection to default If you delete an arbitrary waveform from non-volatile memory after storing the instrument state, the waveform data is lost and the function generator will not output the waveform when the state is recalled. While in the waveform editor, you define the waveform by specifying time and voltage values for each point in the waveform.

The default is Internal. This connector accepts TTL-compatible levels and is referenced to chassis ground not floating ground. This is the frequency at which the signal on the front-panel Sync connector goes to a logic low during the sweep.

Page 50 characters.

A Service Manual – A Waveform Generator from Agilent/Keysight

You can select a sine, square, ramp, pulse, or arbitrary waveform noise is allowed only in the gated burst mode and dc is not allowed. Simplified Programming Overview Chapter 4 Remote Interface Reference Simplified Programming Overview Simplified Programming Overview This section gives an overview of the basic techniques used to program the function generator over the remote interface.

Page Chapter 5 Error Messages Command Errors Program mnemonic too long A command header was received which contained more than the maximum 12 characters allowed. Index softkey labels 4 questionable data register trigger output software bus trigger,register diagram trigger source standard event register sweeps software revision status byte register Sync signal software, connectivity 15 status system symmetry 65 sound beeper Note that since the rear-panel Modulation In connector is dc- coupled, you can use the A to emulate a voltage-controlled oscillator VCO.

PM is very similar to FM, but in PM the phase of the modulated waveform is varied by the instantaneous voltage of the modulating waveform. Page Chapter 3 Features and Functions Burst Mode Burst Period The burst period defines time from the start of one burst to the start of the next burst. The Agilent A has a fixed series output impedance of 50 ohms to the front-panel Output connector.


The Questionable Data enable register is cleared when: The default is Linear. Select linear or logarithmic spacing for the sweep. Page Chapter 3 Features and Functions System-Related Operations Display Control For security reasons, or to speed up the rate at which the function generator can execute commands from the remote interface, you may want to turn off the front-panel display.

Printed hardcopy manuals are available as an extra cost option. Page Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict; high level changed due to low level You can set the levels to a positive or negative value, but note that the high level must always be greater than the low level.

Chapter 5 Error Messages Execution Errors Settings conflict; edge time decreased due to pulse width For a pulse waveform, the function generator will 33220s adjust the waveform parameters in the following order as needed to generate a valid pulse: However, only one label for example, Freq or Period is displayed for each softkey at one time.

The first error returned is the first error that was stored. The default is VPP. In the inverted mode, the waveform goes negative during the first part of the cycle. This section describes the low-level commands used to program the function generator to output a pulse waveform.

Used in the triggered burst mode only internal or external source. Select from 1 cycle to 50, cycles, in 1 cycle increments see the restrictions below. If a manual trigger is received, it is ignored and no error will be generated. After one sweep from the start frequency to the stop frequency, the function generator waits mmanual the next trigger while outputting the start frequency.

Burst Chapter 7 Tutorial Burst connector can be configured as an output to enable 3322a0 A to trigger other instruments at the same time 33220s its internal trigger occurs.

In kanual normal mode defaultthe waveform goes positive during the first part of the cycle. This is because the waveform may have a non-zero average value that would be added to the DC Offset.