747-400 FCOM PDF

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Is the only FCOM the book manual on the PMDG website? I have been told by a fellow simmer that my insufficient fuel on my FMC can be found. BOEING NORMAL PROCEDURES CHECKLIST. TAXI OUT. First Officer. Captain. ALTIMETERS (BOTH) ____ IN/hPa, ____FT. ALLOWABLE. FCOM FCTM QRH – january – june «on: November 10, , PM». Hello my dears, Here i attach part manuals.

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This study has shown that the published procedure may not be adequate at high altitude, but also at high temperature. These strategies address the carriage of lithium batteries as cargo on passenger and cargo aircraft as well as in passenger and crew checked and carry-on baggage. Clearly adverse weather can pose a threat to the safe and comfortable completion of a flight, thus it needs to be detected and avoided in a timely manner.

Why and When To Perform a Go Around Maneuver Industry statistics indicate that while only 3 percent of commercial-airplane-landing approaches meet the criteria for being unstabilized, 97 percent of these unstabilized approaches are continued to a landing, contrary to airline standard operating procedures.

Take-off performance calculation and entry errors – A global perspective Everyday errors such as incorrectly transcribing or inadvertently dialling a wrong telephone number normally have minimal consequences. Flight Crew Briefing An effective crew briefing is an opportunity to transform a group of individuals into a highly effective team Getting To Grips With Fatigue and Alertness Management This Airbus document provides a practical set of recommendations for the use of long range crewmembers Golden Rules The operations Golden Rules defined by Airbus assist trainees in maintaining their basic airmanship as they progress to increasingly integrated and automated aircraft models.

Polar Air Boeing FCOM QRH Manual | #

HF transceivers can provide an entire world of communications, options and challenges If you cruise flight level is wrong, then again, it may report insuf fuel. Most runway excursions can be attributed at least in part to unstabilized approaches, and runway excursions in several forms are the leading cause of accidents and incidents within the industry.

Getting To Grips With Weight and Balance This material describes the cargo loading areas on Airbus aircraft and the systems related to cargo holds. Right Talk From The Right Seat Despite lessons drawn from cockpit resource management programs, the language of the flight deck varies by the seat being occupied – and peril can hide in the syntax.


Safety can be jeopardized when aircraft deviate from their assigned altitudes. Skin Cancer Prevention Flight crews and cabin crews should take precautions against exposure to the ultraviolet rays in rcom while on airport ramps and during layovers. Carefully implemented altitude focm programs have been adopted by some airlines.

The Threat and Error Management TEM model is a conceptual framework that assists in understanding, from an operational perspective, the inter-relationship between safety and human performance in dynamic and challenging operational contexts.

Many accident-causing human errors are probably the result of pilot fatigue.

Bracing The Last Line Of Defense against Midair Collisions Recent accidents have prompted the International Civil Aviation Organization to clarify that pilots must comply immediately with airborne collision avoidance system resolution advisories, even when contradictory instructions are issued by air traffic control. These events have only recently been recognized as occurring in regions of ice particles aloft within convective clouds. Handling an emergency Most of us will go through our entire careers without ever having to declare an emergency.

By loading full fuel, you might have also pushed it beyond the load limits thereby requiring more fuel burn initially. Takeoff Rotation This Airbus production reviews some rotation flying techniques and is written as a reminder of various recommendations. Pilots may expect to encounter from two to five birdstrikes during their career.

Polar Air Boeing 747-400 FCOM QRH Manual

Speaking Up Voluntary safey reports by flight attendants prove to be more valuable than expected. For those who do pull the short straw however, there are some basic considerations that apply, regardless of the specific problem s. Inflight Fire – Important to React Quickly Within 15 minutes of receiving indications of a fire on the main cargo deck the night of July 28,the flight crew of an Asiana Airlines Boeing freighter found that rcom could neither reach a nearby airport nor conduct a controlled ditching in the Yellow Sea below Language Barrier After a simple error wiped out much of their navigation information, the Polish pilots of a were unable to adequately communicate their problem cfom British controllers Lessons from the Dawn of Ultra 7477-400 Range Flight Validation studies of nonstop flights between Singapore and the United States show that recommended operational guidelines developed by Flight Safety Foundation can help airlines worldwide to expand their operational envelope while maintaining safety.


Consequently, there is a risk that flight crew no longer have the necessary skills fco, react appropriately to either failures in automation, programming errors or a loss of situational awareness.

These two types of overloading, resulting in modal input devices and ambiguous feedback, are well vcom sources of operator confusion, and explain, in part, the operational issues experienced by gcom pilots using VNAV in descent and approach. This combines maximum windshield rain protection with safe guards for the environment. Identifying Possible Risk Of Hearing Loss Exposure to loud noises during flight operations and while off duty compounds the risk, but earplugs and headsets help counteract hearing loss.

Situational Awareness This article presents a definition ffcom situational awareness. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. This Boeing document explains the hidden side of the wet runway concept Wake Turbulence Awareness and Avoidance The objective of this briefing is to provide information to help recognize the factors that increase the risk of a wake vortex encounter, Flying techniques to avoid wake turbulence and the information to help recognize the effects of wake turbulence.

This document is specific to Airbus pilots. Sign In Sign Up. Data requirements for a safety culture include proactive information on crew fcpm. The fundamental principles are, however, applicable to all ccom radars in all aircraft. It also covers installation, removal and servicing techniques.

Stabilized Approach And Flare Against Hard Landings Flight crews primarily use their judgment to identify and report hard landings, but recorded flight data also might be useful to gauge the severity of the impact before a conditional maintenance inspection is performed.

Darkness Increases Risks of Flight Human perceptual limitations are blamed for specific types of accidents that are more likely to occur in darkness than in daylight. A recent review of anonymous reports suggests that non-compliance remains a problem.