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Dialogues on the process of awakening shakti towards inner consciousness while performing Yoga. Documents Similar To A Guide to Shaktipat. MaHa Yoga eBook. Uploaded by. Eva Wright. Mystery of Shaktipat. Uploaded by. Shatis Apte. A Guide to Shaktipat Swami Shivom Uploaded by. ionpopescu · Life and Vision of Vedic Seers Satya Prakash Singh Volume 1 Visvamitra. Uploaded by.

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I rented a room in the city. He cannot justifiably accuse anyone except himself for whatever fruit he has been offered to taste. Indeed, these Siddhis miraculous powers are disdainful and must be given up. It may appear as if a spirit has entered the body, but it is only the result of the charging of the internal energy which has been activated for the welfare of the disciple.

When Pragyan is inwardly awakened, it removes the covering of the three elements called Sat realRaj active and Tam dark and quiets Chitta mind-stuff.

Matra in Sanskrit can be represented by letters. The secluded one then came down to his old friend and stayed with him. What are their distinct charac ters and what specific duties are assigned to them? There were two friends. Return to Book Page. The manifestation of Shakti of a Mantra is further substantiated by this theory. Kundalini Maha-yoga Shaktipat is a self-proven and self-perfecting spiritual practice. This is not proper.

How can one get over this suffering in life? Rajas as activity, Tomas as inertiayet is virtually free from them. On speaking to him, he gave me a rupee to go to the bazaar and buy whatever I wished. They are temporary, transitory and fast changing. How kind He is! Do you prescribe any particular postures for this Sadhan? Another important element regarding the Guru is the fact that the Guru as a person does not have much relevance.


Elaine Smith added it May 17, The spiritual journey is one not traveled by many people, and one of the reasons a guru is recommended is to have him or her answer questions about what the disciple is experiencing of feeling. It certainly 2 A Guide to Shaktipat requires much patience and this persistent and enduring patience is rarely seen.

Would you kindly clear my notions about this?

It is wonderful that you have done so much difficult penance. Shaktipat—The Supreme Path 5. An ordinary human being is largely affected by day to day happenings but an aspirant who has reached, shaktipwt stage is not affected by them and does not, therefore, accumulate the effects of experiences any longer.

A Guide to Shaktipat

The word Hatha is composed of two parts: An aspirant sometimes receives inward instructions which are both true and false. It is in this way that the individual soul attains the state of superconsciousness. Please let me know if the loud chanting of a Mantra is a necessity? You too, sit down with them. There are only a few persons who guode risen above time and place and have remained unaffected.

A Guide to Shaktipat

The past deeds of each one are different. Both were very happy. This is how a kriya happens.

My plate was decorated. It manifests itself as the power of discrimination of the human intellect and distinguishes between good and bad. I went to the bazaar and bought a garland for four annas. This purity of conduct is essential for stopping further accumulation of the fruits and seeds of the present actions of the aspirant.

As a matter of fact, Shakti is always present and the only question is that of kindling the dormant power by an awakened one.

Therefore, shaktipst should sit quietly and observe objectively whatever may be going on within himself. Other traditional systems have failed to contribute much simply because they are also performed with the sense of doership. Conspicuously, mind has not been defined anywhere in Yoga Darshan.


Answer An aspirant does not categorize his time into periods of spiritual disciplines and routine activity. When Shakti has no temporal or other worldly actions to perform, it will unite with its cause, the soul. The way to li eiation is Han destruction and Hanopaya shakripat of,destruction. Introduction This book titled’ A Guide to Shaktipat’ is in your hands in which the day-to-day doubts, difficulties and problems faced by all the Sadhaks and readers have been solved after giving deep thought.

The place of aspiration has a great significance in the course of aspiration.

My initiation and the science of shaktipat

There was a babaji, a mendicant, in Nangal. If Japa chanting of holy names is done along with the feeling of surrender to God, then in time China will be purified and Kundalini awakened by the grace of God. The two types of disciples, house- holder and renunciate, within the Shaktipat system are discussed at length; the purpose and benefits of an Ashram and the definition and the responsibilities of the Guru are also elaborated upon.

With the fulfillment of this objective, the force merges into its cause, the soul. The aspirant needs only, therefore, to perceive and even remain an observer of these movements. Many people were convinced that I was mad.

Some of the initiates of the Shaktipat system are house holders and some become Brahmachari those follow ing the course of celibacy.