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PXP Pro Albatron Motherboard mainboard chipset základní desky Slot Socket information. Albatron has also included an excellent user manual for configuration and proper If you remember back to our review of the PXP Pro, Albatron actually. Albatron PXP Pro Motherboard, boot menu related issues. Get free help, solutions & advice from top Albatron experts.

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Reformat the hard drive. The next item that we found was yet another feature that we like to see included with motherboards, that being a large sticker px75p a layout of the board. X2 Demo – The Threat Page Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. And this item will allow y technology.

Attach the 4-pin connector first then attach the pin The main strength of the PXG Pro is its solid performance, and excellent albagron. This is a gorgeous benchmark and can place some serious strain on any system.

The area around both of these chips is clean, each having its own 25MHz clock crystal. Screen goes blank periodically.

Intel’s 865/875 Superior Performance Song Remains the Same

The clear CMOS jumper is easily accessible, which makes everyone’s life easier if manyal push the board too far when overclocking.

This equipment generates, uses and can. Slots The slots in this mainboard are designed for expansion cards used to complement and enhance the functionality of the mainboard.

A pr message will be displayed before proceeding. Albatron’s motherboard comes in an attractive, shiny gold box. Upon entering this menu, we find a wide array of settings as well as four submenus available. In order to remove any sort of graphics bottleneck from our results, we chose to go with the standard x resolution for our tests. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. Our first experience with an Albatron motherboard was a good one, and came a few months back with their high-end iP model, the PXP Pro.


You can plug the USB devices directly into this connector. User Defined default Allows you to set each mode individually.

You can plug the USB devices directly into this connector. The story is repeated once again when it comes to FPU Multimedia performance. With no airflow to go over the Northbridge other than hot air being expelled from the CPU heatsink, this heatsink is overworked.

The top setting selections are typical of this portion of the BIOS, as they control both boot order and boot priority for the given devices. This heating problem will certainly affect overclocking capabilities no doubt, especially with Albatron pressing the fact that upping the Northbridge voltage can help overclocking. Once again, this is one aspect where the Albatron product shines in that not only does the manual come in several languages, but it also manages to cover all of the most important aspects of the board, such as pin diagrams of headers, jumper setting data, excellent coverage of the various BIOS options, and excellent driver installation instructions.

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Duplication of this publication, in part or in whole, is not. Agai n, it is not within the scope of this document to can find additional information on the Web.

Located right below the Marvell chip, we next come across the second Ethernet controller chip, this time manufactured by VIA. After getting into the system, click the audio icon from the Windows screen. X2 Demo – The Threat Page The example is for reference only. See Oro II for more information. Test Setup And Benchmark Settings. Benchmark Results Page Memory Modules Overview Page Albatroj clock ratio is not locked by the CPU manufacturer. This greatly helps airflow into the case, and over the graphics card, RAM, and processor.

  CP1W - TS102 PDF

CMOS incorrectly set up. Using our very own in-house benchmark, MBReview PriBench uses a computationally intensive algorithm to compute several hundred millions of prime integers. M3 and DIMM4 share the other channel. Albatron offers a solid range of preset speeds proo each of the busses.

The documentation that Albatron has included on the other hand is superb. That brings us to the new Albatron PXP Pro motherboard, a iP based system that is built for someone who wants all the performance of the Canterwood chipset, but has no need for any of the other features. The motherboard layout is also generously large, almost extravagant. Page 54 Problem 9: If possible, connect monitor to another system.

Universal Serial connectors are used to attach to USB devices such as: Page 29 Security sub menu. Audio Port Connectors This mainboard supports Super 5.

Albatron PXP Pro Motherboard Boot menu – Questions (with Pictures) – Fixya

For now, it looks to be a solid board worthy of any use; it just might fall short on requirements for overclockers and performance gurus. In our time working with that motherboard, we found that the ps875p package had its strong and weak points, namely that the included items were relatively few, but the documentation was excellent.

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