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It is our common opinion, based on our studies and experience, that the much augmented Italian edition of Athènaze, by M. Balme, G. Lawall. È il testo base, in cui è contenuta, in sedici capitoli, la storia d’un contadino ateniese, chiamato Diceòpoli, e della sua famiglia. I fatti sono immaginari, ma. Here are chapters of Athenaze I recorded because I couldn’t find recordings already made that were slow enough or with a pronunciation easy.

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Wheelock, revised by Richard A. For some reason Roma Aeternaunlike Familia Romanadoesn’t contain an index to the vocabulary.

Athenaze audio (Italian edition)

Posted by Randy Gibbons at Greek on the computer; accentuation; pronunciation As a student in the classroom or as an autodidact, you’ll want to type in ancient Greek i. Share your thoughts with other customers.

But Intense will at some point want to read Philomen Probert’s A New Short Guide to the Accentuation of Ancient Greekwhich is a scholarly work but also has exercises with answer keys. As manifested in actual textbooks and resources, the difference isn’t always hard and fast.

This is a paperback version, not hardback, Amazon won’t let me add it as a paperback. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

» So, you want to know about the Italian Athenaze? The Patrologist

The classes are taught in Greek and Latin, once we sigh up we have acesses to over 40 videos in each language. It is a graded reader: Second, I am well aware there are many books and resources besides those I mention. A well-meaning young man there tried his best to help me, but they just don’t have the logistics to handle athfnaze orders. Online learning Are there online sites you can use to teach yourself Latin or Greek?

I also have the English version of Athenaze. Show me italiam curriculum that can teach reading ancient Greek while bypassing the tons of required memorization, the grammatical drilling, the vocabulary acquisition, etc. The chapters present related vocabulary about a given subject farming, animals, army life, the Roman calendar, etc.


Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Probably not all textbook authors make the distinction or are esition aware of it, and I’m sure some teaching professionals find it a false or simplistic one, but nevertheless I find the difference profound. Unlike its Cambridge brethren, OUP does not cater to the self-learner.

Can’t Read Greek—Unsurprised, but Angry

Resolve to be patient, get to work, have fun! Maybe it’s the difference between the era of the Pax Romana in which Atnenaze and his family live in the Familia Romana and the turbulent times in Attica at the outset of the Peloponnesian war. One day maybe someone will find a successful formula. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Write a customer review. You can learn grammar first, as editiion exercise largely unto itself, or in the process of learning to speak and read the everyday language.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. You can view a description of atenaze volumes and view a generous, extended preview of the texts, on the Vivarium Novum site here: Serious wants to be able to read quotations as well as selections from a limited number of authors, perhaps largely in bilingual editions. Fortunately, there are two outstanding contemporary realizations of the natural-language, or immersion, approach, though one is near fatally flawed editiion self-learning purposes.

While still available, the publication is fromso the content feels a little dated. Athenazee would probably buy a grammar and a phrase book, but you would also learn by watching Polish TV, listening to the radio, athenze up on idioms, mimicking, evolving your ability to pronounce “correctly,” and reading everyday prose.

But Kendrick’s Greek Ollendorff has exactly ninety-seven lessons, just like Adler. So drawing on this experience, I would like to provide some useful facts, opinions, and recommended resources for an English-speaking person trying to decide how to learn or relearn classical Latin or Greek outside the school or university system.

The Latin content in each Adler chapter includes forms and vocabulary that haven’t been covered yet but whose meaning can be induced from the context and from knowledge of cognates and similar forms.


Third, in my athneaze, I can divide folks who want to teach themselves Latin or Greek into three types I will call Dabbler, Serious, and Intense. Each chapter contains one or more elements jtalian grammar plus a vocabulary list, example sentences, brief quotes from classical authors, and Latin-to-English etymological tidbits. Chiave degli esercizi e dei testand for the corso medio and corso superiore volumes in this series, you’ll have to shop around on Italian web sites.

At least on Amazon, there are some leftovers from the first editions, so be very careful for any volume in either series to order the second edition. And one pet peeve I have is the asterisking of words in the Vocabulary that occur “five or more times in the book” because such words “should be memorized.

“Athenaze”: learning ancient Greek with the nature method

I am not aware of any keys to the exercises, but they are pretty easy, and if you’re not able to answer them with confidence, you’ve probably gotten too far ahead of yourself.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Furthermore, readings A and B also include 53 additional words, most of which occur just 1x. In fact, it seems this is intentional. It’s shortsighted to try to learn a language without doing exercises and without checking your answers.

Dowling points out the danger in the grammar-first approach – not the inevitability, but the danger – i. To beat the immersion metaphor to death, by the end of Familia Romana and Roma Aeternayou’re swimming in the deep end of the pool. The three primary choices are modern Greek, Erasmian, or classical Athenian as restored by contemporary scholarship. The names are self-descriptive.

The Vivarium Novum web site is an eye feast and very informative itaoian can click on each book, enlarge the display, and leaf through its pages.