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ceramics according to ATV-DVWK-A ,. DIN , DVGW-VP and DIN up to the specified capacity. Function. Condensed water. glass and ceramics according to ATV-. DVWK-A , DVGW-VP and DIN. up to the specified capacity. Function. The condensed. V., Arbeitsblatt ATV-DVWK-A Hennef: DWA, 20 Seiten, ISBN BAYERISCHES LANDESAMT FÜR WASSERWIRTSCHAFT,

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Silva Fennica34, Regional Environmental Change, 16 6: Publications Bugmann, H. Climatic Change44, The impact of silvicultural strategies and climate change on carbon sequestration and other forest ecosystem functions. Annals of Forest Science, Theses Reyer, Christopher Volume growth and survival graphs: Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 27, 2,DOI: Application of volume growth and survival graphs in the evaluation of four process-based forest growth models.

German Forest Sector under Global Change: Physiology based phenology models for forest tree species in Germany.

Folia Geobotanica, 37, Evaluation xvwk methods for combination of phenological time series and outlier detection. Tree Physiology, 20, Environmental Modelling and Assessment4, Management of mixed oak-pine forests under climate scenario uncertainty.

Comparison of stand cvwk to model predictions. Publications Badeck, F. Sollte die Forstwirtschaft mit dem Klimawandel rechnen? Sensitivity of forests in the European Alps to future climatic change.


Natural systems and global change, conference proceedings, Poznan-Potsdam, pp Tree species composition in European pristine forests: Alternative forest management strategies under climatic change – Application of a forest gap model in risk analyses.

Publication List The publication list gives an overview of the 25 release by the 4C development group members. SilviStrat Model Evaluation Exercises. Mistletoe-induced growth reductions at the forest stand scale.

Parametrisierung, Kalibrierung und Validierung von Modellen. Wie sind Ergebnisse der Klimawirkungsforschung zu interpretieren?

Regional impact assessment on forest structure and functions under climate change – the Brandenburg case study. Impact of climate change and different managment regimes to various ecosystem services in European beech forests in Serbia. Bayesian calibration, comparison and averaging of six forest models, using data from Scots pine stands across Europe.

Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, pp. Fire, late frost, nun moth and drought risks in Germany’s forests under climate change. Can be downloaded as pdf-file at: A landscape model for the investigation of atmogenic pollution effects on the dynamics of Scots pine forest ecosystems; in: Funktionen des Waldes und Aufgaben der Forstwirtschaft in Verbindung dvdk dem Landschaftswasserhaushalt.

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Analyses of forest ecosystems response to climate change at Level II monitoring sites. Evaluating the productivity of four main tree species in Germany under climate change with static reduced models. Central European Forestry Journal. Species-specific fine root biomass distribution alters competition in mixed forests dvwm climate change.


Forests under climate change: An interdisciplinary impact assessment. Regional impacts of climatic change on forests in the state of Brandenburg, Germany.

Referenten – ZKS

dwvk What do we know, what are the uncertainties, and what are the implications for forest management? Towards an integrated scientific approach for carbon accounting in forest ecosystems.

The spatial and evolutionary responses of terrestrial biota. Improving the simulation of stand structure in a forest gap model.

Forest Ecology and Management Jahrestagung und Internationale biometrische Gesellschaft. Bioenergy potential in Germany – assessing dwk patterns of biomass production with aspen short-rotation coppice.

german atv dvwk rules and standards dwa

Simulation of tree and stand development under different environmental conditions with a physiologically based model. Joensuu, University of Joensuu, Faculty of Forestry. Ertragspotenziale des Kurzumtriebs von Aspen Populus tremula L.