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Comments, Questions, and Answers related to “Water Hammer (Time History) Example” in AutoPIPE. Note: 1. There is a complete Fluid. Dec , AutoPIPE V8i Elbow / Bend Pipe Supports Examples. AutoPIPE online help has the following 5 elbow support example. AutoPIPE has 9 different types of pipe supports. Notes, Spring Hanger Related Topics, Guide-Related Topics, Modeling Examples, etc.

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Questions about this article, topic, or product? Engineering Information Management for Power Generation. Select image below for detailed instructions: EquipmentSupports, and Structure a.

Flow Oscillating Vibration k. Overall the user is responsible for selecting the actual values used in their analysis. Ring Main circular header. Share History More Cancel. For a more easier explanation of this value, please see the following WIKI here: Model Non-metallic Plastic Piping i. Account for piping beyond scope of work area b.

The steps shown in each example should not be taken as the only method available to create models. No cut short is applied: Accelerate piping design and ensure compliance against international standards.

Run, Bend, Tee command. Insulated Pipe Support 2. Tutorial – Training – Distance Learning – auhopipe Please see the following AutoPIPE help section to see a grid and hyperlinks that completely describes each type of support and their respective bearing directions: In this case the lag time is less than the rise time.


Modeling Approaches in AutoPIPE – AutoPIPE Wiki – AutoPIPE – Bentley Communities

Joukowski pressure is the change in pressure from. Questions about this article, topic, or product? As mentioned in the online help: Cut-Short high operating temperature” with the following exceptions; apply cut short on the horizontal leg to U1 load case, autkpipe cut short on the vertical leg to U2 load case see Forum page: A cold spring is used exakples reduce thermal forces on vessels, pumps, and other types of equipment connected to a piping system.

Thus, a cut cannot be defined at the first point in the pipe system. Dynamic “Time History” Analysis. By-Pass, Join 2 pipe runs, etc. AutoPIPE has 9 different types of pipe supports.

Pipe riser autopile pipe to correctly account for GR weight on each floor support. Bentley’s Technical Support Group requests that you please submit any comments you have on this Wiki article to the “Comments” area below. By-Pass, Join 2 pipe runs, etc. Share History More Cancel. Non-metallic Plastic Piping i.


This help has been provided in order to give users ideas for modeling typical piping arrangements.

Account for piping beyond scope of work area. Share History More Cancel.

14. Mapping examples from PCF translator to AutoPIPE?

Bell foot type concrete supports in Soil 4. Share History More Cancel. Modeling Support and Beam Structures. Bell foot type concrete supports in Soil. Applies To Product s: Model Non-metallic Plastic Piping i. Suggest using the same in your modeling. Model Non-metallic Plastic Piping i. Questions about this article, topic, or product?

On step 3, where does 0. Smart Pig going thru the Pipeline. TIH files, the highest Joukowski pressure in the transient ex. See the “Calculation” section of the example above. On Step 2, why in this example have you decided to use 0.

Tutorial – Training – Distance Learning – etc On step 11, time history Solutions include multi-discipline design and analysis, project collaboration, engineering content management, and asset lifecycle information management. Sway Brace support 3.