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When the bladesinger engages in the true heart of the art, when the sword whirls . Back to Main Page → 4e Homebrew → Classes, Paragon Paths, and Epic. So what spell list does that BladeSinger use? Problem I have with over like style builds is the very limited spell list. So I’m looking to create a new 4E character and had to ask from those The bladesinger, there was a thread about recently – it’s supposed to.

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The built in teleport is nice and the rider is fairly strong, although dependant on battlefield positioning. Dazzling sunray normally gives the target a -2 to their attack rolls for a turn, boosted version would have them be blinded for a turn.

White Lotus Master Riposte Level Your dexterity should be good enough for that to be a big deal and at level 16, combat advantage should be trivially easy to get. Wisdom retrained to Versatile Master at 11 Level 2: It’s ok, but not terribly exciting.

Daily and Utility Spells: Werethemes solve this problem in level While this could be quite helpful to you in general, I don’t believe any of those are melee powers that count as basic attacks there may not even be any melee powers at all.


Post as a guest Name. Frostbite has them slowed, boosted frostbite has bladesknger immobilized. It won’t get you to defender HP but it will help you take a few more hits before going down.

You possess a spellbook, a book full of mystic lore in which you store your rituals and your daily and utility spells. Have you seen the new bladesinger class for 4e?

Bladesinger? Inspiration! Gunmages and Psions | SURPRISE ROUND 不意打ち!

Training in Bluff will either come from your multiclass feat or your background, so that isn’t bladesinnger serious impediment to anyone who wants to take the path. If this works on Bladesinger dailies, it’s gold for non-Int builds.

If it moves before the end of your next turn, it takes another 12 damage which happens when you hit it with Beast Switch again.

Silverfire can add a huge amount of damage over the course of an encounter against a solo. Heavy item dependency, Broken.

Bladesinger | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Exemplar – Ninja – Scout – Spellthief. Lasting Frost Level A triple attack is very attractive while under Bladesong. Sign up using Email and Password. You are also not limited to using implement and weapon attack powers that have the beast form keyword bold by me.


Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. That power is now stored and available for your use at a later time. With 15 Wisdom you can take Superior Will, which is better, but they stack and Martial Resolve covers some extra conditions including the dreaded Weakened, so it’s a solid choice even with Superior Will.

Requiring a standard action means that it gets a lot better if you know combat is coming. Fiery Blood MBA damage: Originally Posted by kalos If you want to use a Flaming Weapon for example, because you’re a Tiefling but encounter a lot of fire resistant creatures, this is the feat for you.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Your book contains three 1st-level rituals of your choice that you have mastered. In Septemberthe various Wizard powers from previous books were given a keywords to reflect the available schools available to wizards. Suggestions from a 4e perspective?