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Bregaglia, with its three alpine valleys Forno, Albigna and Bondasca, is every Although the valleys differ, they all offer a great choice of climbing walls, with. A lot of rock climbing can be accessed by a Swiss cable car to a dam. you can haul up a pile of gear and bivvy to get. a few days climbing done. Swiss Rock: granite Bregaglia. Author Chris Mellor Published Void () ISBN Review. + page guide book to rock climbing in the Albigna.

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The Future of Technology in Climbing and Alpinism.

Best to ask at the hut for current conditions. Climbing Destination Frankenjura – Limestone in the Limelight.

All the other teams had now disappeared and I felt very isolated on this brgeaglia face. Also you can search, calculate gain, distance and required time for chosen points.

General information

The approach and descent can be done in approach shoes. The now standard approach is non-glacial, the route is pure rock-climbing and the rock generally sound, thus objective dangers are minimal- apart from the weather. Dan FlynnMark P. Extreme Alpinism by Mark We were now feeling quite relaxed and were possibly even mentally adding the “tick” to our climbing CVs. A combination of hard and easy pitches run out or moved together on would be ideal. With Pre-Orderyou can purchase the latest items added to our store in advance of them arriving with us.


Camping tolerated pretty much anywhere in the alpine. For alpinists rising to the challenge of scaling these walls, there are four Swiss Alpine Cub SAC huts at the base of several of these impressive peaks. I’ve only ever driven their from UK, brfgaglia can’t help beyond that. They also had to walk back up to the Sciora hut to pick up their tent!

Bregaglia Climbing 2018: Sciora Badile PDF

Usually from mid-june onwards I’d say the Cassin will be in condition, although the area received little snow this winter, so it could be opening up a bit earlier this year. We were regularly climbing around E1, were physically fit, and felt ready for the challenge. We arrived first at the foot of the Diedre Rebuffat around 6.

Many European teams were using triple rated singles, however, which is certainly worth looking at. In reply to Lion Bakes: We were and we did, and this is what we learned. Add another one to one and a half to the base of the North Ridge where there are plenty of bivvy options. Extreme Alpinism for mountain Thanks, Sasc Fura will post lots of info when they open too. As suggested by Heike it is probably best to go back bregagliaa each day from the campsite.

The topos in the Alpine Club guide and the Bregaglia Climbing guide available online describe the original route, which has now been superseded with a version featuring longer pitch lengths and an alternative finish that avoids the grotty rock of the original. Subscrive to the Newsletter Exclusive offers, tips and much more! Moritz, bus to Bondo. There were still a couple of teams above us in the chimneys – they seemed to be moving quite slowly. Any om the cassin? But a lot of the good climbing starts in Swtizerland!


Cassin Route on Lcimbing Badile and Dan Affsprung – on 18 May We ran the following easier pitches together, now in the full glare of the rising sun.

UKC Logbook – Swiss Rock: granite Bregaglia

Other items in the range. For approach there are like a hundred topos available online. Swear words were floating down towards me breagglia Neil fought with the desperately slippery, narrow and awkward initial pitch in the chimneys.

About 45 minutes from there to the Gianetti. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The alternative is to traverse the summit ridge at about IV 45min-1hr then descend the Voie Normale in about 5 abseils.

In the Forno and Albigna region, there are over thirty beautiful peaks waiting to be scaled. There are three sciora peaks to the east of badile that all have great routes on them.

Was interested by the cengalo next door, though am put off by tales of the glacier being awful. Excellent for navigation in Swiss.