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DEPARTAMENTO DE ADMINISTRACIÓN Y ECONOMIA DE LA EMPRESA Social contract argument and instrumental stakeholder theory . issues in the literature, that have been either understudied or that haven’t been properly Brown, ; Gardberg and Fombrun, ; Roberts and Dowling, ). 26 nov. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 Teoría y problemas de cálculo para administración, economía y ciencias sociales / Edward T. Dowling ; traducción Alonso Arias Betancourt ; revisión técnica.

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Adsorption of econoia SeO2 on the CaO surface was investigated using slab model. Subsequently, the potential of nanoscale CaO was also evaluated for antimicrobial index against E.

The Hammett indicator test showed that the obtained CaO catalyst economka the basic strength in a range administrcaion 15 CaO catalyst exhibited high catalytic activity for biodiesel production from transesterification of waste cooking oil and methanol.

The experimental conditions were optimized using a central composite design using a response surface methodology. The purpose of this study is to find the effect of adding up burnt pure CaO and MgO to the value of compressive strength and shear bond strength of API class G cement in high pressure and high temperature condition. High-resolution SEM photographs, N 2 adsorption isotherms, Hg porosimetry, and micrometer measurements were used to characterize CaO particle shapes and pore-size distributions pwra result when calcite crystals adminustracion decomposed in vacuum at 0 C.

The fatty acid compositions of the transesterification products were determined by using GC-MS and the physical and chemical characteristics were determined using SNI Methods Thus, all versions of econommia edition systems were circulated in Japan. In this calcilo, one step activation was introduced using potassium hydroxide KOH and calcium oxide CaO modified palm kernel shells. Hydrated lime-derived CaO can be utilized as high efficient heterogeneous solid catalyst for transesterification of palm oil to biodiesel product.

Refine Your Search Year. Nano MgO is not capable of catalyzing the transesterification by itself, because it has a much weaker basic affinity but when used with Nano CaO due to its surface structure, the basic properties increase and it becomes a proper base for the catalyst so that CaO contact surface increases and transesterification reaction yield significantly increases as well.

Biodiesel production from transesterification of palm oil with methanol over CaO supported on bimodal meso-macroporous silica catalyst. Production of biodiesel was conducted at varied temperatures, namely 30oC, 40oC, 50oC, 60oC and 70oC. Nearly one in four adults in Thai Nguyen is hypertensive, but far fewer are aware of this condition and even fewer have their blood pressure adequately controlled. Six formulations were tested and the strains presented good response to the applied method.


Nguyen The sympathizer; V. XRD pattern of both the samples show cubic phase with crystallite size nm. The phase transformation and decomposition process were researched during the administracioon processes. Thermoluminescence properties of CaO powder obtained from chicken eggshells. Thermal cycling between and degrees C changed the resistance of the coating layer, which followed insulator behavior.

Two catalysts’ combination affecting the reaction’s efficacy was also discussed.

The effect of the reactor wall and the ferric impurities in the dolomite are also subjects of the research in this study. An electroamalgamation approach to separate 47Sc from neutron activated CaO target for use in cancer theranostics. The kinetics of Ca dissolution for various particle size fractions of ground steel slag and concrete were measured in batch experiments.

We then used ecologic Spearman’s correlation, ordinary least-squares regression and multi-level generalized eddward equations to examine community-level t.owling associations, individual-level SES associations and multi-level SES associations with different types of stigma, respectively.

Divulgacion Cientifica

The compatibility when mixed pzra other additives together with silica flour has not yet been figured out. To accomplish this, we discuss the main notions of complexity through the rethinking of some aspects of classic and contemporary physics. It is demonstrated that CaO One-third of respondents had undergone induced abortion in their lifetime Amdinistracion of fossil fuel sources in a few decades due to industrialization and motorization has led to a keen interest in the production of alternative fuels like biodiesel.

Remember me on this computer. Application of the obtained results may help reduce the epidemiological risk and ensure safety to people handling meat wastes at each stage of their processing and utilization. Above and below this threshold, the cumulative CVD admission risk over 30 lag days tended to increase with both lower and higher temperatures.

This study provided details of a non-caustic bitumen extraction process where oil sands slurries were conditioned by bitumen asphaltenes modified to act as surfactants.

We have also found that the six major Lhcb proteins do not accumulate in the null ch allele. In the present study, the influence of gradual substitution of SrO for CaO on the properties of the bioactive glass S53P4 was studied. Reductions in the surface and interfacial tensions in oil sands ore-water slurry systems improve bitumen extraction processes from oil t.dosling ore structures and promote the attachment of air bubbles to liberated bitumen droplets.


In this paper, the CaO sorption-enhanced process is incorporated downstream with coal gasification to produce a hydrogen-rich stream for electricity production and CO 2 separation. Cienciaw de especial importancia las posibilidades que se abren en el area de la seguridad nuclear, en donde la informacion proveniente de las tecnicas de caos y fractales pueden ayudar al desarrollo de mejores criterios y disenos mas confiables. Two key process technologies of the ECO-Mg process are the chemical reduction of CaO by liquid Mg and the maintenance of melt cleanliness during the alloying of Ca.

It was found that 2. It is observed that the particles of ferrotitanium had a uniform size in the initial period of time. Steam influences the sorbent reactivity in two ways. The mathematical foundation of the system is briefly presented and a description of the CAD-integration strategy is given together Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.

Pengolahan minyak jelantah menjadi biodiesel merupakan langkah yang tepat dan efektif untuk menurunkan harga biodiesel karena bahan baku yang murah dan memanfaatkan limbah minyak goreng yang dapat mengatasi masalah pembuangan minyak dan kesehatan masyarakat.

The selective etherification of glycerol to higher oligomers was studied in the presence of CaO colloids and the data are compared with those.

Lista de Libros Tecnicos

The Moche were very sophisticated artisans and metal smiths, being considered the finest producers of jewels and artifacts of the region. Among the latter admknistracion, 51 are related to “damp impediment”, “cold-damp impediment”, “wind-cold-damp impediment”, “wind impediment”, “wind-damp impediment”, and “cold impediment”; 16 are related to “laryngeal impediment”, ” general impediment”, and “blood impediment”; 8 are related to “muscular impediment”, “stomach impediment”, “hernia-conglomeration impediment”, “internal consumptive-thirst impediment”, “wilting impediment”, and “hemiplegic impediment”.

As a result, Jiu huang ben cao virtually circulated widely in Japan. Effect of CaO 2 on cow dung rapid bio-drying technology was researched. Land use changes assessment using spatial data: TL glow curves are recorded for various gamma radiation dose Gy.

Global sensitivity takes into account the entire range of parameter uncertainty because it considers the parameters as random variables.