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– Buy Camperstop Europe 16 Countries Engf book online at best prices in india on Read Camperstop Europe 16 Countries. Buy Camperstop Europe 16 countries ENG/FR/DUITS/IT (Camperstop Europe: motorhome guide/stellplatzführer/guide camping-car), in Good condition. CAMPERSTOP EUROPE 16 COUNTRIES ENGF by Anne van den Dobbelsteen, , available at Book Depository with free delivery.

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Printer friendly version E-mail a link to this thread Jump to forum: Showed the officer the picture in the book, still a no and escorted off the land.

Mike88 – Wondering what to pack for a motorhome tour of Europe? France, or in our Burstner Privilege t Nico is travelling around Spain recruiting the hosts himself, and has hundreds of sites listed.

Camperstop – Thousands of Free and Low Cost Motorhome Stops – Our Tour Motorhome Europe Blog

Hi Mike, You might also be interested in Espana Discovery, which lists free stopovers at vineyards and farms around Spain not Portugal, though. We were stood in the leisure centre buliding with the manager and it was camperstpo same building as in the picture.

It’s published in the spring, but not sure exactly when. Also I use ACSI but many of these sites, although good, are not always that well placed and the Camperstop book in apparently also gives distance of Aires and campsites to nearby towns meaning that you don’t end up in the middle of nowhere.

Campperstop the websites that provide stopovers via a download or USB stick still need the computer turning on to be able to use the info. You might have come across the names: As far as I know it is now discontinued and there is a new model.

There are several professional reviews of it online one here: I thought a book would be easier or at least helpful as an aid for some mild camperstpp but also as a reference when on the move. Jay, Many thanks for the prompt reply, if that is a quick reply I would hate to think what one of your long ones would be like!


Camperstop Europe | Motorhome Matters | Motorhomes Forum

We have a copy of the same book in Dutch which we swapped with a Dutch couple in for an equally old ‘All the Aires France’ book and we found it very handy in Germany, although less handy in France as it did not seem to be quite as good a coverage and less easy to use than the Vicarious publication. The cats are getting restless! Delete all cookies set by this site.

Just a thought, but there are now several very good website guides that, for free, provide the same if not more information Accept Reject Read More. Learn how your comment data is processed. We have the usual problem of managing how much data we use, but the MiFi reports on that quite well, and we also sometimes ehrope to manually change the network selected, but only normally when we enter a new country.

So how do we find these spots? You might also be interested in Espana Discovery, which lists free stopovers at vineyards and farms around Spain not Portugal, though.

However, I don’t really plan where I go but I’ve often found that I’ve turned up at an Aire and have found camperstp to be not that pleasant. However we do plan to get a copy of Camperstop next year if for no other reason that for less than the cost of one site night it gives many alternatives in many countries and is another handy string to our bow.

For Portugal this site should receive more coverage Here is a site that provides downloads for POI’s and a printable database for those that like hard copy.

Horses for courses again Bruce. Thoughts from the Birthday Pooch! JudgeMental – 6: Quite a while yet I think.

Ebooks Best Sellers Camperstop Europe 2012 16 Countries Engf 9789076080000 Pdf

I have added loads camperdtop also left something like reviews. Paint, breakdown cover and aires. I do wonder how long these printed, cost-a-lot, not up-datable through the year, guides will continue to sell in the face of the internet quicker, more up to date and obviously much cheaper alternatives.


The types of stop available in Camperstop.

First go the overall map page and look for the detail map which covers your area. It is intended for motorhomes — units which are self-contained so have their own water and toilet facilities. Alongside a myriad of campsites, there are thousands of official, or semi-official stop-overs available with more basic facilities. Europf find somewhere to stay, you can either search for the name of a town in the index or do what we normally do, which is to use the maps, like this:. In a few different ways, one of which is the Camperstop Europe Bookwhich we started using in We swore by http: The 4G kit is working very well.

We tried a stop in Haro ca,perstop to campestop told no camping here, use the campsite around the corner.


How strange… That aire in Huelgoat is part of the reason we got a motorhome at the end of last europf. So while websites are good for planning even up to the night before they’re not much help when you decide on the spur of the moment to stay “here” rather than go on to “there” as planned. Wifi is initially required to download the offline maps but after that you can practically use it anytime durope with no internet. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Camperstop Europe, there is a edition available now see end of post.

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