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Cendrillon has ratings and reviews. Ronyell said: I have read many different versions of “Cinderella” during my time, but this is the first t. Located in the Caribbean Sea, Martinique is known for its read the selection Cendrillon, look for details that are special to A Caribbean Cinderella. Strategy . The story of Cinderella has been retold and revised numerous ways by cultures around the world. Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella () by Robert D. San.

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The illustrations in the book are very accurate especially when illustrating the architecture of many of the islands who were colonized by the French or were heavily influenced by the French culture.

Teachers and readers can cinderellla an index in the back of the book to explain the Creole words in the story. Being ugly isn’t a character flaw.

Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella

San Souci illustrated by Brian Pinkney this story is very non traditional from the Disney Cinderella. The prince and Cendrillion fall in love at the ball, and the prince uses the pink slipper Cendrillion leaves at the ball to find his true love.

Growing up I remember my Grandmother telling me different variations of the various common fairy tales. This book would be useful when teaching students about different cultures.

Here is her story.

San Souci is a story that is another version of Cinderella. To check out my reviews: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.


This book contains many French words, and a glossary. The Caribbean language and culture was included throughout the book, and the glossary and pronunciation guide at the back of the book was also a nice addition. This is why little birds helped Cinderella help herself.

It is told in first person and has elements of magic. Posted by Sara Hale at 1: To the astonishment of all, she appeared just as she had at the ball. Cendrillion is the daughter of a nice sickly woman.


What a feast it was! Perhaps that’s why Pinkney uses every opportunity to infuse his pictures with action, whether it’s Cendrillon being pulled out cindetella the party by her godmother or sweeping across a dance floor when she finally dances with her bridegroom. Another aspect of the story I really loved was how the godmother was so close to Cendrillon that you can see the relationship as more like a mother and daughter relationship and it made the book so heartwarming to read through.

The story follows the traditional plot in which Cen Cendrillon is the Creole version of the classic Cinderella fairy tale told through the narration of the kindly Fairy Godmother character. Just like the classic Cinderella tale, a beautiful Caribbean servant girl is controlled by her cruel stepmother.

The Book Trail Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella – The Book Trail

Until I started noticing the differences that I was a bit disappointed but reading it now felt amazi To check out my reviews: So I will tell you the truth of it.

It also provides students will an opportunity to learn about the Caribbean culture and language. Even the king and queen of France never had such a wedding! At the end of the week I would put my students into various groups and assign them two of the books we read and give them manipulatives. Paul went around with the slipper to find the beautiful girl, and the washerwoman took Cendrillon to Paul.


I have really enjoyed this version of the classic fairy tale! Preview — Cendrillon by Robert D.

I never realized she was telling me a version of Cendrillion. The washerwoman used her wand and makes Cendrillon all dressed up.

Cinderellas: Cinderella #40 Cendrillon () San Souci, R.

Vitaline and her mother wore nice clothes, but they made Cendrillon wear rags and do lots of chores. I though it was very neat to cindeerella written caribean through the eyes of the godmother. This book was an enjoyable read. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Collaborators San Souci and Pinkney, whose previous books include Sukey and the Mermaidhave based their story on the French Creole tale, “Cendrillon.

Plus I love the aspect that the godmother is always watching over Cendrillon and by attending the ball she doesn’t appear like this crazy woman who popped out of nowhere and has magical powers.

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