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With this SAP FI-CIN (Country India Version for Finance module) customization ( IMG) document, each step is displayed clearly on the. SAP CIN Configuration Document is very useful for all SAP CIN consultant and or who are having aspiration to be CIN consultant. SAP System Configuration Guide Country Version IndiaSAP System Configuration Guide Country Version India Change Information No. 1.

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Having opened up the new tax classification fields you might have to do the following. If you are using your own layout then you need ot maintain this in the output determination procedure of billing documents for confiyuration output type j1i0.

CIN Configuration in FICO,integration with MM/SD

Once this is done you can go back to the depot and capture this extra payment into your RG23D. Can I change the document type for the accounting document created at the time of excise invoice creation?

Notify me of new comments via email. Here first you have to define the sales area and the default customer code. Also this is reflected in the RG23D register. While doing excise invoice creation I get an error message that system failure during locking.

CIN comes with default customization to open up the tax classification fields. Alternate account assignments can be done using sub transaction types. Can you also post which version of CIN you are referring to? You can receive some goods in the depot which is less than the dispatched. It is very helpful for cin configuration. Can I create a zero duty excise invoice? Excise related configuration is known as CIN configuration.


Are opening and closing balances fifo reghister available for me for reporting? So it is mandatory that whether you use EWPO or not you should have maintained the account determination for all transaction tyes for a given excise group. Skip to content 1.

How do I handle sales tax concessions? Do I need to maintain the chapter-ids for each plant or can it be left blank?

The balances for utilization are picked up in CIN only when the MM period closing is done for the previous period. Transaction type is used for account determination by CIN. This option will calculate the taxes for an export invoice.

There is no transaction type for determining the accounts of the fortnightly utilization. This is happening because the tax base for some tax condition is falling less than the tax base amount. This rate could be for a material or material and configurxtion combination. Can I post the fort nightly utilization for individual excise invoices?

How does CIN determine the tax rates? Permalink Mar 29, Here is some information on CIN Configuration. Most of the confguration functions for India relate to Financials and Logistics.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The current period alone should be open at the time of fortnightly utilization. What could be the reason? A t tachments 0 Page History.


In Indian Taxing procedureExcise Duty plays a vital role in manufacturing scenario’s. CIN number ranges are defined as not buffered. Along with exceptional rate maintenance you can maintain the chapter-id, which should be used for the outgoing transactions.


You cannot rectify the documents, which are in error. You need to check the object type for the object id J1IN. This is because you have not maintained the condition record for output determination. Simulate option is provided in this option for the user to check whether things are ok so that the chances of error are minimal in the actual run.

First the system will check if there is an exceptional rate available. The procedure is as follows. How do I open up more than one tax classification? What is the issue classification for RG1? You need to maintain the same in the CIN customization against the sap script form maintenance. No you cannot reverse the posting doen with fortnightly utilization.

SAP CIN Configuration Document

How many tax codes do I need? Excise invoice picks up the profit center conviguration the billing document if it is available there. Fick required Address never made public. After saving the tax code you need to make the conditions statistical once again. While doing depot sales invoice selection, list of invoices are not getting displayed.

You have ato assign the order type to the checking rule. The system will first check in the Form type maintenance whether the form is marked as required.