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In order to work under reproducible experimental conditions, precision-stoppered tubes of an identical type, equipped with calibrated capillaries, are employed.

Cutting Charges Schneidladungen; charge creuse pour decoupage Cutting charges serve to cut through iron plates, cables, bridge trusses etc. R NOj, red yellow amorphous powder empirical formula: Ammonium nitrate gelatins have sprengmwister re- placed the elder sodium nitratenitroclycerine gelignites.

NCN-explosives can be non-cap-sensitive at somewhat higher densities.

The testers are of two kinds: Dxs dangerous is the exudation of unbonded nitroglycerine; it occurs when the gelatinization with ni- trocellulose blasting soluble nitrocotton was faulty or the nitrocotton of bad quality. For internal ballistics one ordinarily uses a truncated virial equation which breaks off after sprengneister third term and is in the form: Chlorate Explosives Chloratsprengstoffe ; explosifs chlorates Explosive mixtures of alkali metal chlorates with carbon-rich organic compounds such as wood dust, petroleum, oils, fats and nitro deriva- tives of benzene and toluene; they may also contain nitrate esters.

Full text of “Explosives 5th Edition by Meyer, Kohler, and Homburg ()”

Generation of a plane shock wave. C 10 H 26 O 4 molecular weight: C 4 H 8 N 2 O 7 molecular weight: Destressing blasting is periormed by contained detonations.


It served for camouflage storage of sabotage explosive in World War II. Dynamites are no longer manufactured in Germany.

The pressure p in the bomb is measured as a function of time t.

Sprengmeister Kurzanleitung

The disadvantage of this version is the large weight of the gas cylinder, which is subject to the Pressure Vessel Regulations, and the high noise level that occurs when the sealing disk opens, because initially the full gas pressure is present. The term includes, but is not limited to, dynamite and other high explosives, slurries and water gels, blasting agents, black powder pellet powder, initiating explosives, detonators, safety fuses, squibs, detonating cord, igniter cord and igniters.

Classification into a sub-class and a compatibility group lead to partic- ular rules specified in the Dangerous Goods Regulations for transport- ing these goods. The jet velocity is proportional to the square root of the combustion temperature and inversely proportional to the square root of the mean molecular weight of the combustion gases.

Rocket Propulsions, Elsevier Publ. Booster Sensitivity Test The booster sensitivity test procedure is a scaled-up modification of the Bruceton method unconfined charge. H 4 N 4 0 4 molecular weight: Because production figures in the explosives industry have been declining markedly for a number of years, the tabulation of product and trade names has been omitted for the time being.

C 6 H 2 N 4 0 6 molecular weight: The mean values for carbon monoxide and nitrous gases from the sprengkeister of the first and the second test must not exceed 40 I of carbon monoxide per kg of explosive and 5. It will explode in a 1-in steel pipe if actuated by a primer.


Ci 1 Hi 5 N0 2 molecular weight: During normal electrical ignition, the thin resistance wire of the igniter matchhead is heated to melting point and the ignition train started. Torpedierungsprengungen in grofien Tiefen.

Dangerous mechanical tasks, such as unscrewing the detonators or sawing them off, cutting, milling, or sawing, must in any case be performed under remote control. At pre- Text quoted from glossary. Preliminary Text quoted from glossary. It is supplied in large diameter cartridges which are contained sprengmeiwter two-layered plastic tubes and serves especially for avalanche blastings. The application technique of these mixtures has now become very much easier owing to the fact that the material, which has a strong tendency to agglom- eration, is commercially produced as porous prills.

Das Lehrbuch Der Sprengmeister

Owing to the advances in petrochemistry, toluene is now available in practically unlimited amounts; the bulk of the toluene now produced is employed as the starting material for the preparation of toluene diiso- cyanate TDI used in the production of plastics. Two of blasting machines exist: Dinitrodiphenylamine Dinitrodiphenylamine Dinitrodiphenylamin ; dinitrodiphenylamine red crystals empirical formula: Other, portable machines work on the injector principle.

The product gels with water in the cold.