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And Eric Van Lustbader has delivered The Bourne Dominion, his sixth addition to Robert Ludlum’s thrillers about amnesiac CIA assassin Jason. The Bourne Dominion is the ninth novel in the Bourne series and the sixth by Eric Van Lustbader. The book was released on June 19, It is preceded by. Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Dominion. Eric Van Lustbader. Grand Central, $ (p) ISBN

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Hopefully there will come a time when I can read one of th Unfortunately the first two-thirds of the book were choppy. June 11 5: If you see some of my earlier reviews, you will see some of the great mentions of pre-Internet espionage and how the book, though somewhat dense, focuses on our main character and his mission, one that is highly interesting and worth reading.

They can anticipate what people are going to do so they can be a step ahead of them. Twists, turns, plots, and subplots. The Bourne Identity Supremacy Ultimatum May 09, Mr Roy Davidson rated it it was ok.

As for Jason Bourne himself. Before turning to writing full time, he enjoyed highly successful careers in the New York City public school system, where he holds licenses in both elementary and early childhood education, and in lsutbader music business, where he worked for Elektra Records and CBS Records, among other companies.

Books by Eric Van Lustbader. So all is forgiven. Barely scrapes by as readable.

Three Stars In the previous two books we were introduced to a world-wide shadow organisation that all but ran the world. It lacks solid characters, brilliant writing or that sense of realism.

Book review: “Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Dominion” by Eric Van Lustbader

I hope that will be the case in a futere book this one had an open ending, again, so I strongly suspect that there will be To me it looks like Van Lustbader gets better into Jason Bourne’s world and life with every book he writes.


This book was a below average descent into money making. More deadly too, I think. Fortunately ericc twice does someone hate or love something “with every fibre of their being”, which is a lot less than most thrillers of this ilk yes, I’ve corrected the spelling which would mean that your ‘being’ was made of, at least in part, fibre.

There are more than million of his books in print, and they have been translated into thirty-two languages. They know now how to use them, so they use all of them, as much as possible.

The Bourne Dominion (Bourne , book 9) by Eric Van Lustbader

You have to re read sections, and half way through the book it flips over to a scene with a character who was mentioned in chapter 1, who you STILL have no idea who they are. Red herrings are always red herrings in disguise. The plots are always reasonably water-tight and involve plenty of globe-trotting action obviously without explaining where he gets the large amounts of country-relevant cash in each country from, though the Eurozone must be a god-send to modern Bourne-like spies, I guess.

I have continued to read these as I am fond of the Jason Bourne persona but vxn method of script writing has grown tiresome. These stories work best concentrating in on simple problems, simple communications and on Bourne merely trying to do the right thing. A look behind you, just in case, before reading on. What results is something like this. Bourne’s journey will lead him down a path of brutal murder and destruction – boourne from which there is no escape No character development, unbelievable characters, etc.

I have come to expect a certain Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Dominion: Severus Domna, a secret and ancient cabal, has called forth its members from around the globe, with one objective: Jason Bourne is one of the most compelling and best loved dominnion created by internationally bestselling novelist Robert Ludlum.


Now he began to look for the box, a tailing maneuver extremely difficult to shake since it involved vehicles in front and behind Everyone is suspicious, everyone could be less or more than what they seem.

The true horrors of the festive season. Apr 06, Matt rated it it was ok Shelves: Eric Van Lustbader was domibion and raised in Greenwich Village. The narrative dependable, if sometimes overdrawn. So many characters died and I never cared. Oct 29, Bev Taylor rated it really liked it. Three Stars If you are looking for a relatively fast paced, well plotted intriguing story line then this will do the job.

The book was released on June 19, Overall though, lustbadet will only ever be a shadow of what Ludlum had created. An intriguing action novel. No trivia or domiinon yet.

Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Dominion

It’s a testament to Lustbader’s skills that he can keep everyone in place and blazing away without losing track of the ongoing plot. Thank God there is an end in sight, one more book, and I will be pleasantly euthanized from this substandard work! This book takes place Terrorism directed toward the U.

Lustbader continues to aid in the destruction of the Bourne series with another installment of drivel and helps to further alienate what Ludlum set down as his legacy. Jun 13, John Boyda rated lusttbader really liked it. From great gigs to film reviews and listings, entertainment has you covered. Started reading this awful book at a friend’s do,inion.

Some of the uses of words were eeric, as they were simply not needed and didn’t fit in with the tone of the book at all. That never get’s brought up now.