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FLENDER Standard Couplings. Flexible Couplings – RUPEX Series. General information. 8/3. Siemens MD · 8. RUPEX pin and bush coupling types. In the case of a RUPEX RWN coupling with an outer diam- eter of mm . All FLENDER couplings with a finished bore and parallel keyway are designed. RUPEX RWS [2LCABAA0]. RUPEX RWS FLENDER COUPLINGS RUPEX RWS (1) PART 1 (2) PART 2. AXIAL LOCKING: WITH SET.

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Selection and Engineering Tools go. Examples are papermaking and printing machines. The inside diameter of the rubber disk element is vulcanized on a flange.

Exclusive floor marking and signage printing process. FLUDEX couplings limit the starting and the maximum torque in the drive train and serve as starting aid for the motor, as overload protection in case of malfunction, and for torsional vibration separation.

China RUPEX Coupling Manufacturers and Suppliers – Factory Price – Tengkai

The product range covers couplings of a torque range from 10 up to 10, Nm. They have a very low circumferential backlash and can be used for any inclined mounting position. Cookies eupex the proper functionning of our sites and services.

Cleaning and valorisation of plastics. The flexible elements made of synthetic rubber buna N are available in different degrees of hardness for many applications. For more information, please feel free to contact with us. To the top of the page.

Siemens Flender Rupex Rwn 320 Coupling Used for Power Transmission

Flender Couplings One of the most important Flender Spare Parts Tengkai is dealing with the Flender mechanical couplings covering a torque range between 10Nm to 10, Nm. The conical seats of the buffer pins facilitate mounting and guarantee maintenance-free operation. Self-Lubricating engineered plastic bearings: Chemistry, laboratories and health. Subcontracting Mechanical engineering subcontracting Metallurgy subcontracting Mechanics, hydraulics and pneumatics subcontracting Subcontracting electronics Electrical engineering subcontracting Informatics subcontracting Industry subcontracting Logistics subcontracting Climate control flenver Environment subcontracting.


Flender Rupex | Proteknik Mega Persada

Turn on more accessible mode. Our product selection APRS: Our product selection Antifouling: Due to their low torsional rigidity and good damping properties, highly flexible FLENDER couplings are excellently suitable for connecting non-uniformly working machines.

They are particularly used in sensitive machines where input and output side are to be disconnected upon failure of the flexible elements or where the coupling must be maintenance-free. Stainless Steel Ammonia Gas Gauge. Examples of application General mechanical engineering; especially as high-speed coupling on the motor side and for bell housing installation, e.

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Signaling reel with band. Owing to its low torsional rigidity and damping property flener ELPEX-S coupling is very well suitable for connecting machines with a considerably non-uniform torque characteristic. General mechanical engineering; especially as high-speed coupling on the motor side and for bell housing installation, e.

The high-quality industrial couplings are very well suitable for the use in many fields of application, many of them even in potentially explosive atmospheres. Types with a fail-safe device between flendre flexible rings ensure emergency operation if the flexible rings are destroyed. The torque is transmitted by a flexible tyre reinforced with a cord ply. Standard couplings of a wide modular design range and application-related couplings in special design cover a multitude of applications.


Description RUPEX couplings are used as flexible compensating couplings in all ruped requiring a reliable transmission of torque under harsh operating conditions.

Civil engineering Carcassing Locks, Metalwork Construction machinery Finishing Technical equipment Doors and windows Construction site equipment Modular construction Construction Civil engineering software.

Packaging Packaging machines Packaging and containers Packaging products Labelling Protection and safety packing Food grade packing Packaging Pharmaceutical and cosmetics packing. Self-Aligning pedestal and flange bearing housing: As the worldwide largest manufacturer of mechanical couplings, with more than 80 years of experience, Siemens ensures that machine shafts are ruex connected in almost all industrial sectors — worldwide — Available with EURO-TECH.

Flexible couplings RUPEX series

Torque is transmitted by the fluid movement in the coupling accelerated by the radial blades. Weighing touch screen terminal – DIVA. Orifice plate – monobloc. Network controller – M7. Examples of application RUPEX couplings are used in general mechanical engineering both as high-speed couplings and for high torques, e.

Then, the metal parts of the DS coupling can freely rotate in opposite directions.