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Download HAMEG HM OSCILLOSCOPE UM service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Find great deals for HAMEG HM Oszilloskop 20mhz digital Storage. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I have been experiencing a problem with my Hameg HM oscilloscope. It was working correctly then the trace suddenly went back to the left.

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However, some important differ- ences must be noted in the memory mode: This appears as rounding off of hamrg corners which follow a rising or fal- ling edge.

HAMEG Hm208 Oscilloscope 20mhz Digital Storage

Plug according to DIN5 pole. The ground leads on attenuator probes are also particularly critical. Too high hum levels can frequently be the cause of faults which are otherwise unexplainable. It is possible to work with automatic triggering here. Ask a question – opens in a new window or tab. If current flows voltage is supplied by the XY plotterthe pen hamey set on the hamet film. Mouse over to Zoom – Click to enlarge.

Full text of “Hameg: hm”

Especially when transmitting square and pulse signals, a resistor equal to the characteristic impedance of the cable must also ahmeg connected across the cable directly at the Y- input of the oscilloscope.


The start of the memory timebase can be advanced by a variable percentage of the timebase setting. The calibrator of hammeg HM can even replace expensive square wave generators with these properties and the switchable frequency, e. The exterior of the oscilloscope should be cleaned regularly with a dusting brush.

DC triggering is recommended only if the display hamwg to be triggered with quite slow processes or if pulse signals with constantly changing pulse duty factors have to be dis- played. The plotter drive voltages are O. The same attenuator switch position is normally used for both channels with algebraic addition. Slow running processes below 1 kHz are then also displayed without flicker.

Any waveform to be plotted must be first retained by depressing the HOLD button. Intermediate values can be set with the small concentric knob variable. New storage is only possible on each channel when the relevant button is released out. The dot density is high max.

This applies particularly with relatively large dot spacings in the vertical direction square wave edges or when displaying many sine wave cycles.

In the case of shipments by post, rail or carrier it is recommended that the original packing is carefully preserved. If the adjacent If this is not done, serious signal distortion may result from spurious cur- rents through the ground leads or chassis parts.


If the signal frequency is not known, there are two other methods for correct time coefficient setting.

Oszillograph HM208

The DC position should only be used with a series-con- nected attenuator probe or at very low frequencies or if the measurement of the DC voltage content of the signal is absolutely necessary. In combination with “roll mode” is possible.

Hence, corres- ponding precautionary measures must be taken. In addition, the POS. Nor- mally the capacitors are discharged 6 seconds after switching off. H, the DUAL button is depressed, both channels are work- ing. Casing, chassis and all measuring connectors are connected with the safety earth conductor Safety Class I. Time measurement with time fine control at right stop CAL.

Particular care is required with hamdg stationary dot. The size of the voltage applied is determined by multiplying the voltage coeffi- cient by the vertical display height in cm.