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EASY MONEY – the Swedish bestselling sensation, a dark and brutal account of the Stockholm Jens Lapidus is a highly successful criminal defence lawyer. Jens Lapidus follows the lives of three protagonists of the Stockholm underworld, whose main drivers in life is the quest for easy cash. As a lawyer, Lapidus. From one of Sweden’s most successful criminal defense laywers comes an unflinching look at Stockholm’s underworld. Jorge Barrio is a drug dealer.

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This novel reinforces themes of much of the recent quality fiction and non-fiction regarding the black economy such as CollusionMcMafia and Gomorrahwith regard to the way organized crime is mirroring more and more the language and techniques of big business, and how desire for money can override conventional ethnic or traditional gang boundaries.

JW is a prime example of that genre. Alle drie zijn ze betrokken bij de verdwijning van een jonge vrouw en zonder dat ze het weten, worden ze alle drie gemanipuleerd door een machtige man achter de schermen, Stockholms genadeloze maffialeider Radovan. In Sweden, the book was an instant hit. Eventually the personal and professional strands of all these characters’ lives collide messily, with the action taking place against a backdrop of increased violence and conflict between the Yugo Mafia and up and coming criminal gangs.

Wel kun je je afvragen of het allemaal inderdaad zo erg is als wordt beschreven.

Meanwhile, Jorge, a young Latino drug dealer, has just broken out of jail and is itching for revenge. Quotes from Snabba cash. Jorge is the drug-dealing latino who refuses to stay behind bars — he monry out in order to gun down those who snitched on him. The pages reek with the sadism of the perpetrators and the helpless hatred of the victims. Vanuit zijn vak hens strafrechtadvocaat verdedigde hij enkele van de meest beruchte misdadigers van het land en kreeg zo een unieke kijk in hun wereld.


Then his boss tasks him with finding Jorge, a young Latino drug dealer who has escaped from prison. From the coat-check shakedown racket, to high-end prostitution, to dime-bags and omney smuggling, it’s all in there. The boys by the stalls ran forward to break it up.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Instead finding excuses for being criminal and why they have the need to be it greed.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Easy Money’ – Washington Times

Trying to emulate Americans they overdo. Ultimately, despite delivering some decent cheap thrills at times, the book is too long for its own good, and the reader is worn down by spending so much time with so many posturing, awful people. Other books in lapidys series. Full review in Swedish here.

Snabba cash

Snel geld vertelt voornamelijk het verhaal van de criminelen; de kant van de politie en wat zij doet om deze criminaliteit te bestrijden komt af en toe aan bod door middel van ingelaste rechtbank- en politierapporten. His climactic shoot-out scene would make Tom Clancy cough and take respectful notice. Mijn ambitie was ‘de crimineel’ een menselijk gezicht te geven. I also wondered if it was a bad translation.

Languages Nederlands Svenska Edit links. There is nothing or no one to like associated with this book. Retrieved from ” https: As a lawyer, Lapidus knows his subject, and the reader will learn how to smuggle cocaine, launder mney from beginner level to expertor even how to escape from a Swedish jail.


BOOK REVIEW: ‘Easy Money’

Het plot enigszins uitgezonderd. Veel verrassende wendingen kent het boek niet. From the Hardcover edition.

He lives in Stockholm with his wife. The language is so ordinary.

Dit is niet nadelig want het verhaal blijft op zich wel intrigeren. Something that would have been obvious with Lapidus’ use of short, punchy sentences, without the Ellr I really wanted to like this book. Nov 13, Pages Buy. Lists with This Book.

The late Larsson wrote about crusades against government and corporate corruption.

Snabba cash – Salomonsson Agency

Unidos, ligados entre si pelo que denominamos de acaso. However, in English, it generally comes across like terrible wanna-be American gangsterism. Also poses important questions of integration and criminality.

But soon, these three men are united by another and more important goal: Kirjassahan se liittyy olennaisesti JW: All three also have a thirst for their own form of jebs JW’s older sister, Camilla, has vanished, Jorge is determined to iens his revenge on Radovan and his cronies, and Mrado is keen to assert himself against Radovan. Ima u knjizi Radovana, Nenada, Zlatka, Jelenu, pa mi nije jasno koji se kratki spoj morao desiti da ovom jadniku da ime “Mrado”.

This mainly feels like a cheap gimmick to lapiuds and humanize them and try and balance their otherwise poor life choices and amoral lifestyles. Want hij moet zichzelf in zijn volgende boeken ook nog bewijzen.