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Africa Kills Her Sun. Ken Saro-Wiwa. Dear Zole,. You’ll be surprised, no doubt, to receive this letter. But I couldn’t leave your beautiful world. Ken Saro-Wiwa’s political satire best captures the destructive nature In Africa Kills Her Sun, Saro-Wiwa cryptically prophesies his own death. By Zaynah McAdam. Dear Bana,. It is sad that you wouldn’t get this. But I wouldn’t live with myself if I didn’t reply to your letter. Yes, I received it.

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After Sunset (A reply to Ken Saro-Wiwa’s Africa Kills Her Sun) – Wamathai

Today, well-endowed and better-trained people have taken over the task. Perfect work Mr Ken October remains in my mind. If anything Bana is committing himself to Zole. In every facet of our lives — in politics, in commerce and in the professions wwiwa robbery is the base line. The Black Hole of Calcutta.

afriac But I should be glad to be rid of the world, of a meaningless existence that africw more dreary by the day. Mutayi wesonga inspired me in his analysis. Though some critics might suggest that Bana is a guilty man which he readily admits to and deserves everything that happens to him.

Email requiredwill not be published. Some girls are secretaries, others choose to be prostitutes. The Police took us in and made a lot of public noises about it.

Short Story Analysis: Africa Kills Her Sun by Ken Saro-Wiwa – The Sitting Bee

So yes, Billy was shocked, but it was more from the fact that you gave up easily without a fight rather than what you had shouted boldly at court.


However for me, this letter is a aafrica for me to bid you farewell, an act of friendship and fondness, that of which we never got to explore to our fullest. Nevertheless, I brought everything I had to the table. As to whether the reader agrees is left for each individual reader to decide. I say that she was not important before this moment.

That is the edition in which our plea to the judge was reported. Jimba says to ask my girl to shed him a tear if she can so honor a complete stranger. As a High court judge, he was used to difficult cases, with long and no doubt dramatic court proceedings.

He should pray for the living, for kil,s whose lives are a daily torment. Kiprotich Vincent 27 March at The theme of love is self-evident in the story and the fact that Bana has never forgotten Zole despite the passing of time may suggest that she is someone who is of great importance to Bana. Tell Jimba I did shed a tear to honor him, in fact two.

And how ultimately like a savior he willingly gives up his life to death in order to channel a course for the living. The silence of the graveyard.

After Sunset (A reply to Ken Saro-Wiwa’s Africa Kills Her Sun)

Unknown 15 November at In the early days, our forebears sold their kinsmen into slavery for minor items such as beads, mirrors, alcohol and tobacco. Also Bana has managed to finish his letter to Zole and more importantly he has written his epitaph which is a clever play on words.


Notify me of new posts by email. How blunt, audacious and bold het talks iwwa for, the truth. It is as though Bana is a man of principles. And they will forget. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The Europeans and Americans would have found in him a useful ally in the progressive degradation of Africa. I had to make a choice. He was antisocial, right? So is the prison guard. Then the sfrica would be on the priest and those who sent him! Matendechere Kabalaghalanya 5 January at One spectator actually spat at us as we walked into the waiting Black Maria!

Sazan and Jimba remain fast asleep. I remember vividly the love and companionship that we shared. The Stadium will fill to capacity. And place the sarl on the gravestone.

Africa Kills Her Sun by Ken Saro-Wiwa

Because I watched him closely that first morning. I personally like the story. A true son of the soil with a emotional consummate masterpiece. It goes without saying I can deliver this reply to your lover Bana when my time comes to join him in eternity.

And then the priest will come to us, either to pray or to ask if we have any last wishes.