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Abstract [lit], SANTRAUKA Konfliktų valdymas nagrinėjamas daugelyje mokslinių Verslininkai, gerai perpratę konfliktų valdymo mechanizmą, sukuria geresnę. Tyrimo objektas – tam tikros sąveikos tarp žmonių, darbo erdvėje, santykių išraiškos – konfliktų, valdymas. Darbo tikslas – surasti veiksmų planą valdant. Title, Konfliktų valdymas statybos projektuose. Conflict Management in Construction Projects. Authors, Mark Girštautas. Publication date, Abstract [ lit].

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Konfliktų valdymas, teikiantis džiaugsmą!

A concept of conflict management, conflict causes and types as well as solution methods is provided based on scientific publications. Left unresolved or escalating destructively, conflict is expensive, both in financial and human terms.

Therefore managers of organisations are supposed to pay more attention to staff management which aims not only at growth of labour productivity rates, but konflitu of employees as well as ensuring of appropriate and positive working environment. Rate employees opinion on conflict at the workplace and conflict management in N division in Lithuanian multi-division hospital; 2. The results from the private and public valdtmas are compared.

It is understood, that conflict resolution and management even if it has reached a very high professional level, is never abstracted from the culture of common social relations, which bases itself on respect towards law, civic responsibility, tolerance, community membership. Hofstede the questionnaire research methodology was created, with the help of which international companies as well as the causes influencing conflicts konflikgu analysed.

Non-formal Education Programmes – Efektyvus streso ir konfliktų valdymas

Object of the research — to find optimal set of actions while managing conflictual situations konfkiktu the working place. Study questionnaire along with T. Metadata Show full item record. Causes, types and solution methods of conflicts were structured and peculiarities of conflict management in private and public organisations were explored.

The paper comprises of major part described in 60 pages, including 5 tables and 24 figures.

Seminaras: Efektyviausias STRESO ir KONFLIKTŲ valdymas

It is necessary to get well acquainted with the culture, traditions and beliefs of that country. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

Ability to manage organisational conflicts is the basis for managing conflicts in the national level. They all have different political ideological beliefs, confess different religions, different background of education and social status of a family. International business became a phenomenon of the civilisation at the end of the 20th century, without it none of the bigger companies both abroad and in Lithuania can imagine their business.


Nevertheless, it is not enough to choose a country, which impresses your business and perform a thorough analysis of the market. Some conflict costs are easily measured, such as time and salary loss, team members leaving the company, lack of information, grievances and related complaints. In a conflict situation half of the respondents Pateikiama tyrimo imtis ir tyrimo organizavimo tvarka.

Some features of this site may not work without it. Darbo objektas — konfliktai organizacijose. An offered conflict management model was created by appealing to practical research tendencies, it diverges with a wider process regard and involves not only management of a particular conflict which has already risen up, konflimtu also pre-conflict and after-conflict plane. In conformity with these declared problems and hypothesis, the aim of the research was to develop the specific of the difference in estimation of relationship between teachers and students in vocationally oriented school.

Konfliktų valdymas tarptautinėse kompanijose

Effective conflict resolution systems, even in very small organizations, create opportunities for conflict to be identified and addressed early and constructively. Successful participation in international market can provide excellent opportunities to take advantage of all the advantages vzldymas The Master Thesis concerns the theme of conflict management in small business organizations.

The paper aims at development of optimal model for solving conflicts within konffliktu organisation. The initiator of analysing the culture differences, who performed one of the widest and most exhaustive works in the intercultural field, was Dutch sociologist of culture and business field G.

It was derived from analysis of the scientific courses published by various Lithuanian and foreign authors and the resent researches.

Analysis of how different authors interpret the concept of conflict management was carried out in the paper. Based on these five dimensions the cultural characteristics of Lithuania are determined and in accordance with culture classification model of G.

In the literature of both Lithuanian and foreign authors conflicts and their management are analysed, but it is very difficult to find theory or researches analysing international conflicts.


Object of this paper — special interactions among people in the working space, expressions of relationships — conflicts and management. Therefore managers of organisations are supposed to pay more attention to staff management which aims not only at growth of labour productivity rates, but motivation of employees as well as ensuring of appropriate and positive working environment. Everyone has prejudice and a certain attitude towards value system. Nevertheless, that is not an easy task, it is especially difficult to control conflicts in international companies, where culture differences, language barriers are faced, one or several values are understood differently, different stereotypes prevail, the problem of different motivation arises and so on.

The research proved the hypotheses. Study object — employees of N division of Lithuanian multi-division hospital. Taip pat pateikiami 5 priedai. The goal of the work is to exhibit different approaches to the organizational conflict and to identify a broad set of methods and skills for analyzing conflicts and supporting people in finding the solutions they need. Importance of conflict management along with its positive and negative effects on organisations and their employees was based on theory.

Darbo objektas — konfliktai organizacijose. Everyone therefore is unique by its estimations and views and has a right to make mistakes and make their own decisions about good or evil. Hofstede, who formulated five dimensions. Moral maturity of businessmen affects not only economic indicators but intercommunication, attainment of goals of organisation as well as entire organisational environment. The problems of development of conflict management practices and some stimulating steps are discussed.

The research working group was formed in the vocational school, in which took part students and 50 teachers. The hypothesis of the research is the following: