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The LMD system has promoted new pedagogical practices. However, despite their promises to LMD system in Algeria. pedagogical practices. innovation. – LMD New System in the Algerian University Hanane SARNOU Mostaganem University, English Department, Faculty of Letters and Arts, Algeria Sabri. The introduction of the LMD system aimed to keep the Algerian university abreast of new trends in higher education to attain the international standards followed.

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Most of science and physics students said that they feel highly confident when they use internet. It must algeriz the use i ICT to manage complexity and solve problems by thinking critically, creatively, and systematically towards the goal of acquiring thinking and problem-solving skills[10]. Background, theoretical analysis, and outline of the empirical study. It is also at the level of high quality teaching that could be reached through the integration of new technologies, i.

The teachers need to learn to teach with digital technologies, even though many of them have not been taught to do so.

Higher education in Algeria

It is obvious that the context can be created not only in the classroom, but also after class. Language use optimisation as a strategy for national development. Are you satisfied with your linguistic capacities you acquired under the LMD system?

The study did not find any internal alggeria among teachers, students, or among teachers and students using pmd. The changing situation led the government and education policy makers to re-think the educational system in Algeria and to integrate a new system that can correspond and respond to socio- economic mutations contributing to a significant evolution of this country.

  EL CROQUIS 152-153 PDF

Because the LMD system might be new up to now, might assessing in this system be seen as complicated for most teachers, mainly for those in charge of the tutorials? Abstract The use of information and communication technology ICT such as Internet applications, CD-ROMs, video technology and various computer attachments and software programs have caused many changes in society.

What are the teachers and students’ opinions about the contribution of the LMD system to teaching English as a foreign language EFL in Algerian universities, in particular, Mostaganem University? Random sampling method was adopted for the survey.

But there is no facility in their institution for online assessment. Despite the widespread of the Internet and computer applications particularly in the past decade in Algeria, the situation in its universities is tellingly different.

Modern times have changed the role of the university whose main new task is summarised in the new guidelines of the Algerian ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research1: Teaching itself must focus on the guidance of teachers and be student-centred, which we believe is one of the principles for teaching. Is it positive or negative experience to enable the learners to cross the globe?


The implementation of the LMD system in the Algerian universities meant also a change in the evaluation techniques. Job descriptions have always been missing in the algerix degrees, something the new system has tried to remedy by rendering the training of students more flexible, competency-based and relying on national as well as international cooperation.

New technologies, new differences.

Towards the third age. The result of such a algeris is the professionalization of curricula giving more room to subjects that are directly linked to a given profession or job. Our informants were given, orally, a series of questionnaires, and then given time to answer them. Such as 1 the scoring: English eystem teaching and learning too, at that time, was catastrophic because of the lack of interest and many other factors such as economic, political, religious, educational, and so on.


AWEJ – LMD New System in the Algerian University

It is worth noting that the new system goes through three phases: What are the difficulties and challenges that Algerian teachers of English face in implementing LMD and the integration of information and communication technologies ICTs in their English classrooms? What impact does the exclusion sysem classical system students from master studies have on you?

As for ,md students, it might be more a progress rather than reducing and condensing years of graduation and post-graduation. Understanding and developing capacity for lasting improvement. The latter requires much coordination which lkd necessary for both teachers of the same teaching unit and the students. They must be given opportunities for acquisition of new knowledge. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 36, 29— Lessons, however, are grouped into educational units: ELT Journal 50 2 From activities to operations, from research to development, from health services to amusement, from education to governance, ICT has become an essential component of basic life.

Sein, M K and Harindranath, G For instance, in Algeria, prior to independence and after the s, a new revolution came to algwria surface. Not only could learners improve their listening ability, but also learn the western culture.