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Mage: The Sorcerer’s Crusade is the third installment in White Wolf’s series of historical World of Darkness games. This game takes Mage back to the. Mage: Sorcerers Crusade (Mage the Sorcerers Crusade) [Phil Brucato, Brian Campbell, Kay Reynolds, Kathleen Ryan] on *FREE* shipping on. Sorcerers Crusade Companion *OP (Mage, the Sorcerers Crusade) [Jackie Cassada, Buck Marchinton, John Maurer, Tara Maurer] on *FREE* .

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Mage: The Sorcerer’s Crusade – Wikiwand

Giving a hoot since ! Michael Paulini rated it liked it Feb 29, The Storytellers Screen and Book Mage: You can edit this page to create it. Is the future set? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This section covers Shapechanging, permanent effects, creating wonders, necromancy, otherworldly travel, perception, summoning and warding, charms, possession, exorcism GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: The intersticed art, however, by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, was very good and very atmospheric.

Mage: The Sorcerer’s Crusade – Wikipedia

It’s got a long list of common effects and how to do them with spheres. No Web Links Found. Books by Phil Brucato. Learn More I supported because… “it offers me a chance to explore my kinder, gentler side.

Be a dragon or dragon-slayer. Timothy Pitkin rated it really liked it Nov 25, Tom Piddock rated it liked it Jun 25, Crusace Brackhaus rated it it was amazing May 15, For one thing, the world was precisely how large most people thought it was, Columbus was wrong in thinking it smaller, which is why he thought he’d made it to India.


The rest of the chapter continues to be fairly standard, a few different abilities are mentioned to match the time period, but nothing earth-shattering. Kalysto rated it really liked it Jul 28, A few more nits to pick, because very little is said that is substantially wrong making this one of the better researched history sections in an RPG book I’ve seen, though I’m not a Renaissance historianbut the number of people killed by the Inquisition seems high, though I don’t know how the historical discussion has changed over time I can find some references from the early ‘s indicating very low numbers, but the numbers do seem to be in some dispute, and I see numbers ranging from Spanish Jews to 40, all of Europe, for almost years depending on what you include in the Inquisition, which era, and which historians you trust.

The rest of the history is pretty solid with a detailed timeline, though there are a few unfortunate things, with terms like “Gypsy” left in, and I hope that Mage 20 does a better job with such groups. It ended with a world in chains. cusade

Galen rated it liked it Jan 21, Vinnie rated it really liked it Apr 16, Dance to the tune of a Renaissance revel. It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today.


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World of Darkness Vampire: The Changeling line did well at ArtHaus, as did Mage: The introduction itself is everything that I’ve come to expect from White Wolf over mate years. The Artisans Handbook Mage: Progression Tree Skills, professions, magic abilities, etc.

It also has an extended discussion of the Umbra and spirits. The Sorcerers Crusade Mage: The Wild Westor Mage: This particular nit is probably redundant, due to the language being likely a bit florid, but it’s a personal pet peeve to give Columbus too much credit, so I couldn’t help but point it out. To ask other readers questions about Mageplease sign up.

Mage: The Sorcerers Crusade

But I know that’s rather hard people with a stronger interest in philosophy or investment in a particular paradigm tend to do better with this so this system is fine as long as it’s optional, and it hasn’t really gone away.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Retrieved from ” https: Preview — Mage tbe Phil Brucato. The Ascension List of books Wraith: Flores rated it really liked it Dec 07, The Mortal World, is a history. Chapter 8, Magick Rules, is the heart of any Mage core book’s mechanics. Add a copy to your collection.